Alan Boyson’s work in Manchester


As well as Alan Boyson’s work in Skelmersdale he is also well know for his various civic works in the Manchester area. The Tree of Life in Salford saved in summer 2011 from the wrecking ball by Christopher Marsden, friend of the Manchester Modernist society and Alan Boyson expert. Originally this building was part of Cromwell Secondary Girls’ School, the rest of the building has been demolished.

Alan Boyson’s work is now being recognised many years after its original creation. If you look hard, particularly in the Manchester area, there are still surviving examples of this distinctive ceramic and glass work. I was lead towards his work because he was responsible for creating the ill-fated Pyramid in Skelmersdale (this no longer exists – removed for health and safety ie. the local kids liked climbing on top of it). Images of the Pyramid are not generally available, and I do not have permission,  yet,  to publish them.  Much of this man’s fine work has been demolished in the attempt to rid us of modernism.

Above, Queen’s Hotel, Collyhurst


One wet day last year, I toured all the known Boyson works.  Here are some images. In another post, I will discuss the conversation I had with Alan Boyson about his work and the modernist heritage.

Right, Merseyway shopping centre, Stockport. Concrete frieze designed by Boyson

Below,  St Raphael’s Church;  windows by Boyson, not currently being used because of flooding.  The Manchester Modernist Society are  responsible for campaigning  to save this impressive building in Stalybridge.

One thought on “Alan Boyson’s work in Manchester

  1. Thanks for this post Skempotter. A tour of the all six Boyson Manchester area in a day is fun I was in a bus party that did it in June 2011. I look forward to your report on your conversation with Mr Boyson.

    I am sure the Boyson work at St Raphael’s is not the window (Pierre Fourmaintraux’s work I believe) but the ceramic stations of the cross and stoops. The Manchester Modernists application to have St Raphael’s listed was successful.

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