Architects using decorative techniques in the 1960’s



The ingenuity and imaginative use of household objects is so impressive.

Research and Development

Research and development led to many new methods of producing decorative techniques.

These illustrations demonstrate one such method.

No.1. is a small model machine able to produce textures to a given scale. These small panels were put together to produce the gable end to a block of flats.

No. 2: To obtain the full scale pattern I bought an old mangle and made a concrete roller with the pattern produced in a similar manner to a cylinder seal.

No. 3: When the clay carrying the impressed pattern was cut into rectangles, it was placed under a home-made vacuum forming machine.


I purchased a large number of unused refrigerator sides and via the vac machine sucked these down onto the shaped clay. When set they were removed, placed in full-size moulds, concrete was cast against them and the resulting panel was erected on the building (No.5).

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