What is pride of place?

Proud of their new home in Cwmbran New Town

Proud of their new home in Cwmbran New Town


Post war developers cleared slums and created homes for heroes. These early developments engendered a sense of pride in people’s homes that had nothing to do with home ownership, but much more to do with pride of place.  It did not matter whether you own your property or not, it was still yours, and people communicated this ownership through well kept gardens and vegetable patches and conspicuously well cared for homes.


Thatchers’ attempts to re-invent this sense of pride through the Right to Buy programme, allowing people to buy properties at knock down prices did not work, because it failed to realise that people’s sense of pride in their environment was as much emotion as it was financial. The ultimate effect of this disasterous policy is to create ghettos of social housing, the bits of council estates that nobody really wants to live in and these become cauldrons of disaffection as shown in the image above.

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